• Establish a DACH community providing a trusted platform for peer exchange for the GBS Leaders
  • Provide strategic direction by offering executive sessions delivered by C-level and board-level individuals
  • Grow a true community and foster networking through events, exchanges, in-depth reports, and benchmarks



  • Discuss and identify common issues, challenges and potential solutions for DACH HQ based companies in the business services sector in a trusted and un-biased setting
  • Provide best-in-class networking & collaboration opportunities in the SSC/GBS/BPO/ITO and R&D sectors
  • Build a well-informed platform for job opportunities in the GBS space
  • Promote and share best practices on the management and supervision of business services
  • Encourage existing / potential members to work closely with ABSL chapters in CE Europe
  • Assist in engaging with technology companies, service providers, advisorsregulators, and other partners in the business services sector
  • Drive market insights and intelligence (e.g. surveys of key players/benchmarking) in cooperation with chapters and business partners, e.g. consultancies, real estate firms, lawyers, software and technology companies
  • Organize access to ABSL other chapters and their events, conferences, chapters and reports.