Longevity Center

At ABSL DACH, we understand that sustainable results go hand-in-hand with a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Our partnership with the Longevity Center ensures you have exclusive access to expert guidance, making your health & well being a top priority.

The Longevity Center brings expertise in health and well-being aspects, ensuring you not only achieve professional excellence but also lead a fulfilling life outside of work. The innovative medical Longevity Center was created out of a passion for a healthy lifestyle and new technologies.

Our experts will help you to understand your current state of health and help to improve your metabolism, quality of sleep, resistance to stress, implement a healthy and adequate diet and an exercise and activity program tailored to your individual needs.

We concentrate on the latest scientific developments in health and biomarkers of aging, genetics, epigenetics, immune psychology, nutrition, metabolic health, mitochondrial health, sleep quality and age science.

In our Centers in Poland and Switzerland we provide a tailored experience that will elevate your perception of what great health should look and feel like. We leverage state-of-the-art technology to ensure you can easily progress and succeed in your health journey.

Our comprehensive health assessment and 12-month implementation programs are based on the latest scientific and medical research findings in preventive health and longevity. Evidence-based medicine is at the core of everything we do.